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The vending machine category and function of the common?

by:Haloo      2020-11-22
A vending machine, common category 1, according to the sales product classification is relative to the simple, common have drinks vending machines, snack vending machine, adult supplies the vending machine, milk vending machines, vending machine, fresh fruit vegetable vending machine, bento vending machine, ice cream vending machine, r. f vending machine, and so on. 2, according to the vending machine aisle classification according to the aisle of the vending machine classification, can be divided into spring machine, serpentine, caterpillar machines, elevator, 5 types such as lattice machine, machine is one of the most simple grid, spring the vending machine is mainly used to sell soft drinks, bread, daily necessities and so on, serpentine machine is specially developed to sell drinks. Caterpillar vending machine is usually used to sell goods fixed packaging is not easy to fall. Elevator is the development trend of future vending machine, its smooth shipment, but selling the fragile goods, apply to all kinds of goods. 3, new action classes classified as trill upsurge, the lipstick machine, bag machine, and so on emerged, mainly using spring and caterpillar aisle and grid in the form of electronic door lock, cool appearance to participate in the activities of the game to attract customers to buy goods. Second, the common function of the vending machine 1, WeChat multimode payment functions such as sweep/brush face code to pay pay to cater to people's consumption habits, vending machine is out of the WeChat brush/pay treasure payment/face/cash/debit card bank card multimode payment function, greatly convenient People's Daily purchasing behavior. 2, network operating platform for intelligent management of the vending machine daily data and state failure, can directly use the Internet platform to monitor view, including the system operation status, fault, feeding, out of stock situation, sales data, and so on and so forth, by GPRS wireless transmission to the vending machine on the server, operators can directly through the Internet phone or computer to look at it. 3, smart multimedia display many vending machines can be equipped with LED display/multimedia display technology, docking vending machine system and PC system, let the consumer can directly through the touch screen for the vending machine goods of choose and buy, can directly replace the keys, more intelligent facilitation services. 4 goods of choose and buy a lot of vending machines, cell phones can sweep through the code directly on the phone for the choice of goods and payment, simple and convenient operation.
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