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Tesco: Why are self-service vending machines developing so fast?

by:Haloo      2021-04-22
Vending machines originated in Europe, developed in Japan, and entered China around 2000. This equipment can effectively solve the problems of expensive land rent, insufficient labor, and high operating costs. This is the fundamental reason for the development of vending machines. Japan has introduced this kind of self-service equipment vigorously because of the serious aging of its small population and high labor costs. So far, Japan is a country where vending machines are widely used. Basically, there will be a self-service vending machine more than ten meters away. In the past few years, self-service vending machines have actually not developed fast in China, because at that time such machines were still using coin and card payment methods, and many Chinese did not have this payment habit. With the introduction of Alipay, this kind of mobile phone The scan code payment method has become the standard configuration of vending machines. Nowadays, if you are not traveling far, many people only bring mobile phones but not wallets. If any machine can’t support mobile Alipay payment, I’m sorry, the post-90s would rather go shopping in a supermarket farther away than spend here, because the supermarket can use mobile phone scan code to pay. Self-service vending machines use mobile phone scan codes and face payment methods to meet people's needs for fast consumption, which is also the main reason for the rapid development of this smart device. The content and pictures of the article on this site are from the Internet. The content of the article does not represent the views of this site. The copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it in time. This site does not bear any disputes and legal liabilities!
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