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Now there is no vending machine is a new battlefield of FMCG

by:Haloo      2021-01-25
No one drinks vending machine is now commonly used commercial automation equipment, not limited by time and space, still can save manpower cost, convenient transactions, and people to become 'mini supermarket open 24 hours a day, now drink vending machine has become a new battlefield, the consumer retail industry models are very diverse, different function, so drink no vending machine in our country's market? We according to the vending machine industry's development of foreign experience, the number of vending machines in China will reach 3 million units, annual output will reach 60 billion yuan, particularly in the beverage industry, the vending machine will become the industry competitive retail terminal network layout of the new weapons. Now people's living standards continue to improve, consumption patterns to change gradually, payment become diversified, and the vending machine itself of the progress of science and technology and human nature, makes the vending machine is now undergoing outbreak period, now the vending machine market not only is the operator of the world, more drinks companies have to join in, answer the progenitor vending machine to promote their brands and products, increase the sales. The vending machine in the future market competition will become very fierce. So now, many giant for the goal, it is took a fancy to the vending machine strong coverage and influence of retail terminal channels. In fact, the outbreak of the vending machine, a lot of degree is benefited from the change of the payment. Along with the development of 4 g network, intelligent terminal equipment to get fast popularization and widely used, people go out is not my wallet has now become a common phenomenon, the vending machine order can finish on the small screen, now there is no vending machines are generally support pay treasure and WeChat payment, it also provides the development of the vending machine with great convenience.
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