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No supermarket (constantly emerging, there is no one selling machine can be solved

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Since Mr. Ma's last year there is no supermarket in Shanghai debut, wuhan has been more and more no one supermarket, suddenly attracted high attention of the market. Wuhan's first unmanned supermarket is sweeping, according to understand, consumers only need to push the smart cart into unmanned supermarkets can shopping, of course need to complete the certification. Will open in sweep of a few days later, there is no one model of overseas U life hall opened, the store mainly sells cross-border goods, such as food, cosmetics, household items, using is a kind of intelligent system. In January this year, e best buy 24 hours very open in the mountain city square, use electronic tags and settlement way. But they have no supermarkets, no super appeared a lot of pain points, e the relevant person in charge of the purchase to tell a reporter, now commonly used RFID no retail stores, used for clearing electronic tags but has a tear, goods without clearing it draws out the store, thereby causing loss to the goods is very large. In march of this year, no one sweep of the supermarket business stopped, changed the container no convenience store, the relevant head, said no one supermarket is too large, the area of improvement is difficult, use of container no convenience stores can be quickly replicated promotion, don't need to select stores, only need to site, a short time can finish a convenience store. And U life hall is also turned into someone's supermarket, related, said, the head of the business over a period of time, no retail is still have a lot of pain points need to be addressed, whether in technology or in terms of the market, including the supply chain system, the background of the hydraulic system and operating costs, etc. , and the characteristics of these pain points continuous application, solved in a spot, can appear new pain points, we need a lot of input costs to solve it. So at this stage, no one open retail is not mature. But there is a more mature way of no retail, that is no vending machines, vending machine has been developed for many years, has been developing for a variety of reasons not before, but now with the advent of new retail, make the vending machine in the development of time, has a mature technology of unmanned vending machine will be no more good status in the retail market occupation.
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