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How to solve the black screen of unmanned vending machine

by:Haloo      2023-06-07
With the continuous development of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology and mobile payment technology have been better developed and popularized, and the unmanned retail industry has also developed rapidly. In this era of increasing popularity of mobile payment, more and more traditional offline retail stores have been replaced by unmanned retail and unmanned vending machines, becoming a part of our lives. In recent years, unmanned vending machines have developed rapidly, but as an emerging industry, some minor problems will inevitably occur in long-term use, such as what should I do if the unmanned vending machine suddenly blacks out when it is in use? Restart the unmanned vending machine to see if the machine can resume normal use after restarting. Second, if not, observe whether there are water spots around the display screen of the machine. If there is, it means that the black screen of the machine may be caused by water ingress. If there is no water ingress, we will check for loose wires in the machine that connect the screen to the control board. If it is not loose, check to see if the power adapter is on and whether the power socket is plugged in. If the light is not on, you need to replace the power adapter. If the reason for the black screen has nothing to do with the above, it may be the reason inside the vending machine. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for maintenance.
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