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How to increase the profit of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-03-25
Nowadays, the convenient and convenient way of consuming vending machines has gradually penetrated the public's hearts and is favored by end consumers. From the unfamiliarity at the beginning to the current familiarity and indispensability, the development of vending machines in this period can be said to have gradually developed and penetrated all aspects of life and accelerated the rapid growth of its number and the formation of the industrial chain layout. With the emergence of many vending machines produced by various manufacturers in the market, operators are under tremendous pressure. Although the profits are considerable, maintaining and steadily increasing profit operations is the core issue they care about.

So how can we improve the profitability of vending machines?
1. Strengthen operating cost control
As an operator, you should monitor the background and sales data of this vending machine in real-time, divided into the following four parts:
1) Fill goods in time;
2) The placement of goods and the inspection of the machine's image and equipment;
3) Regular offline activities;
4) Replenish and recover funds in time;
5) Increase products with high gross profit added value
6) Match products based on gross profit, taking into account mainstream products and overall profit.

2. Realize the innovation of commodity channels
Keep an eye on product sales data at any time. For some products with low sales rates, remember to 'innovate.' Can go deep into the market and change to a supply channel with a high sales rate. Because the product sales are not good, either market consumers do not recognize the product itself, or the brand recognition is low, it may also be the product's quality or even the age, taste, packaging, and price of the product.

Third, choose a high-quality delivery point.
Since vending machines entered the market, point selection has always been a problem. The location of vending machines largely determines whether they can operate and bring profits. The following are the elements of point selection:
1) Target the crowd by-product, such as students, white-collar workers, singles, etc.

2) Choose regions where the consumer group is much younger.

3) Look for areas with high density and concentration of people flow and purchasing power.

4) It depends on the characteristics of the product. What kind of products to sell or prioritize to a specific category of products depends on the consumer groups and consumption habits in the region where they are placed.
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