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Deep blue science and technology to develop intelligent automatic vending machine, the domestic intelligent vending machine has a universal signs

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
At home, use the latest information such as facial recognition technology of intelligent automatic vending machine appeared signs of popularization, this type of vending machines and convenience stores have obvious differences, do not need artificial cost and rental cost in China, can very good play to the advantages of cost, challenges the status of the convenience store. Shanghai deep blue dominate the development of science and technology of the intelligent vending machines, is expected to launch in railway stations, airports and other places. A comprehensive building in Shanghai, there is a machine like a freezer, it is the intelligent automatic vending machine that USES vein recognition, inside with tea, bread, pastry and so on. The scene to see a customer will hand on the vending machine hand pattern, vending machine door will open. When consumers shopping to brush the palm, vending machine via vein recognition is not himself, then by the machine above the camera monitoring consumer took out what goods, pay treasure will automatically after close the door of cupboard of settlement, consumers don't use his phone. The smart vending machine is a deep blue technology development, the company is an enterprise more attention, alibaba's investment. Now the price of this intelligent vending machine for 3 - 3. 50000 yuan, the deep blue technology has received twenty thousand orders. Chen haibo, head of the company, said that intelligence is more large than the advantage of the traditional vending machine, the main opponent is a convenience store.
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