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Breakfast vending machine become workers to be bestowed favor on newly

by:Haloo      2021-02-24
Breakfast vending machine become workers to be bestowed favor on newly breakfast vending machine in Shanghai rise recently. Reporter to mobile application order after 2 minutes, can receive food code and food making phone call. Reporter discovery, this type of breakfast shop owner if designed for office workers, most of the selected store is the necessary route in an office worker. From pancakes and fruit to coffee, soya-bean milk, basically within 10 yuan can buy breakfast. Store sources told reporters that the store opened in July 2019, in June or so profitable. 'Sales shortcomings about 9000 yuan. Click in addition, according to the base of delivery, if you have the breakfast to the ark, can again send 10 ~ 20 every day. It is understood that the current delivery platform to launch will eliminate artificial intelligence collection field and management fees, cost of each basic in 20000 yuan. In demonstration operation stages, only take part of the cabinet to outsourcing the rider to collect fees, so customers don't have to bear the additional charge. With the improvement of people are spending power, breakfast market also began to enter into diversified consumer scenarios. In 2021 Chinese consumers breakfast total spending is expected to reach 1. 948 trillion yuan. In the face of such DaTiLiang market, food, takeaway, shang chao deng related industries are actively explore, looking for a new swimmer. Vending machine sales newest multifunctional drinks vending machine, drinks, snacks, etc. , meet the demand of office workers work stress. In addition, it also has access to the file cabinet function, access to the file cabinet and breakfast compatibility, can create more revenue for a multi-purpose.
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