After the epidemic, the Dongguan Vending Machine Show, the intelligent unmanned vending machine business opportunity is coming!

by:Haloo      2021-03-14
Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the Dongguan self-service vending exhibition was postponed from March to August. Although the number of foreign customers has been greatly reduced compared with previous years, the enthusiasm of domestic customers is extremely high. With the advent of the 5G era, the pace of life continues to accelerate, and consumption concepts are constantly upgraded. People have put forward higher requirements for the safety, convenience and speed of shopping. The unmanned retail industry is developing rapidly, and now it is difficult to have a big market depending on price and traditional spring machines. Compared with the traditional spring vending machines, the vending machine exhibitions of previous years are dominated by spring machines, snake-shaped cargo conveyor beverage machines, juice machines, etc., but this year has attracted great innovations! Medical equipment vending machines, open-door self-pickup cabinets, automatic noodle cookers, fresh vending cabinets, smart garbage sorting groups, and hotel vending machines have become the highlights of this exhibition. Although many manufacturers still use spring machines as solutions, many manufacturers have made innovations in structure and function, using solutions such as electromagnets. At the same time, the epidemic has gradually changed the pattern of the entire industry. The gap between some small and medium equipment manufacturers and large equipment manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller, and technology is advancing rapidly. The application of new models and new technologies has quickly attracted the attention of a large number of customers. Like last year's popular XY-axis fresh vending machines, no fewer than ten have appeared this year, but none of them have made much structural innovation, only slightly changed in appearance. Consumers are queuing to receive masks for free. According to statistics, it is found that the smart pick-up container in the community has attracted the most attention. Great changes have taken place in the fresh food market under the influence of the epidemic. More and more consumers are choosing online fresh food delivery, resulting in a surge in orders and a sharp drop in supermarket fresh food market share. Many fresh food distribution companies have begun to choose unmanned intelligent pickup containers to be placed in various areas, which not only reduces mutual contact, but also solves the problem of human shortage and high labor costs. Being interviewed, the founder of the fresh cabinet interviewed Wu Dong, the founder of the fresh vending machine. He said, 'The smart pick-up container currently sells fresh fruits and vegetables. With the community as a unit, the cold chain distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the logistics cost by nearly 60%, and it can give a certain profit margin to the low-profit and high-loss fresh food. Community residents are mostly office workers, and white-collar workers who commute regularly can hardly find the right time to buy, so their demand for fresh food is more concentrated and vigorous. This is also one of the reasons why fresh vending containers are still hot. 'Chairman Wu gave a demonstration in person after he finished speaking: Scan the code to open the door 'Purchase merchandise' and close the door. It only takes three steps to complete the shopping, and the entire shopping process has not exceeded 10 seconds! This kind of smart pick-up container completely surpasses traditional vending machines in terms of user experience. Chairman Wu of the smart pick-up container used to sell box lunches said, “In fact, this kind of smart pick-up container has appeared in the past two years. At that time, defects in machine technology and system algorithms quickly disappeared. With technological breakthroughs, the era of credit is coming. The smart pick-up container has reappeared in the public eye. It can not only sell fresh food, but also sell boxed meals and beverage snacks, which completely replaces traditional vending machines. Hope this time we can provide better equipment for industry operation services. 'The smart self-pickup vending machine industry that has been watched is not only a new retail solution, but also a new type of consumption method and carrier. China's vending machine industry continues to innovate and develop into the world's vending machine industry The chain upgrade has made a huge contribution. At the same time, as a major manufacturing country, it has also demonstrated to the world the innovative cutting-edge technology in the field of unmanned sales under the background of new retail.
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